Jocks Studios – Brandon Lewis Fucks Marcus

Hey, there we are back with more! We know how much you guys love seeing our jocks fucking outdoors so we have another hardcore jocks studios update. Brandon Lewis and Marcus are our guys and they did everything you can think about in the gallery below. Everyone knows how things go when you have a hot guy as a gardener and most of the time it ends with an intense ass pounding marathon. Well, this guy didn’t stop at imagining how great is was going to be, he actually went for it and tried his luck with the sexy gardener. It’s true they could’ve at least move it indoors, but why bother? Brandon has been checking out the new guy for a while now and it was time that cute Marcus finds out what he really wanted for him.


Not that the guy wasn’t doing a great job with his garden, but that’s not really why he hired him in the first place. Brandon knew that now it was time that Marcus knew about his real intentions. The younger jock was taken out of guard with this one but when Brandon doubled his paycheck he didn’t seem to mind it that much. Hot Marcus’ clothes came off really fast and Brandon was right, he’s smoking hot, great body and a perfect ass, an ass ready to get smashed by him. You can check out their outdoor encounter in the gallery below, so don’t miss it out!

Take a look at this guy getting his ass hammered!