Jocks Studios – Cliff Fucks Cameron Foster

These two sure love playing games and the best part is that they share it with us here at jocks studios. Cliff and Cameron made things a lot more interesting and we can assure you we never saw to guys getting blindfolded and blowing dicks. And we saw a lot of things around here. They had to bring something new to the scene and although it seemed a pretty hard task they nailed it. The two hot jocks decided that both of them are going to be blindfolded, to make things a lot more interesting. It’s easy when only one is blindfolded, everyone does it, why not push it a bit further?

Everyone tried it but most of the guys kept it simple, just one of them got their eyes covered. Well they raised the bar a bit and both of them were butt naked and couldn’t see a thing. Well the fun part is that they had to help each other out with out actually seeing. It isn’t as easy at it might seem but we think the guys tried it out a few times before they recorded it. The jocks had a blast sucking off one another’s dick with all that grabbing, touching and directions involved in the process. If you wanna try something new this must be on your list, if you have second thought just look at these two hammering their asses in the exclusive gallery below. Enjoy it and make sure you tell us what you think about it!


Enjoy these blindfolded guys blowing one another’s dick!