Jocks Studios – Fuck Around With Twins

Jocks Studios has something really special prepared for you guys. For this one we got three guys fucking their asses and you’re going to like this. The twins just transferred from another school and as you can see they fit right in. Both of them are into guys and lucky for them in this school they could finally find a guy to share between them. But not think they took a random guy, no, they ended up banging the football captain. While they were testing out to join the team one of the noticed him staring and after seeing him act around other guys it was pretty clear that our captain is also into dudes. He was in charge with picking the new guys and walking them through all the steps.


The twins did great on the field now they had to see the doctor to make sure that they are perfectly healthy. While all three were in his cabinet the nurse came in to let them know that it might take a while until he can see them. They didn’t have to be anywhere else so they waiting for him there and found something more entertaining to do. The door was closed and the twins weren’t up to no good, they surrounded the cute captain and before he could say a word they were already taking off his clothes. It’s not like he wasn’t interested in them, but he was a bit nervous about doing it in the doctor’s cabinet. See it all below in this latest scene!

See these horny jocks banging their fine asses!