Jocks Studios – Fuck Micah

Micah just loves getting in this type of problems because in every Jocks Studios scene we see the same thing. Every time he’s here, you are going to see him getting fucked by a random guy, each and every time. Micah found this one in his building, he’s the new guy that moved right above his place. It wasn’t hard to notice him because every single night the guy threw a party and they couldn’t care less about all the noise they were making. After a week filled with parties over parties, Micah had to say something. He went there trying to be nice to the guy but the guy was a jerk. The next move was to send the police up there and now the guy had to pay a pretty big bill for all his parties, or he had to convince Micah to drop the charges.


You guessed it, he tried to patch things up with Micah, and our guy had in mind the perfect way to do that. When he saw him at his doorstep he knew just how to play his cards and in no time he got his cute neighbor just where he wanted him. Butt naked, banging his fine ass in the middle of the living room and his first instinct was right because the guy really knew what he was going. If you want to see more of their scene you can check it out below!

See Micah getting his ass roughly pounded!