Jocks Studios – Living Room Fuck

This week jocks studios organized another little get together for a group of three guys to spend the afternoon fucking. We kind of expected magic to happen with this matchup of our best three guys. And we were amazed, be sure we weren’t disappointed. And you won’t be as well when you’ll see them go at their little fuck fest today. They had no problems deciding who’s the alpha male and who’s going to receive the dicking, going full auto pilot for the whole session, not needing any directions from anyone.

As you might imagine with three very horny guys there’s not much that you can do to stop them anyways once they do get something in their heads. So the clothes flew off really quickly as they really wanted to get started. In the beginning they all took turns sucking one another’s cocks so that everyone gets fair treatment. After that one of them started to ride on of the other two while sucking one more cock. And you just have to see him ride that cock while he’s sucking another for your entertainment today. Enjoy guys and see you soon and if you can’t wait until the next week’s update come inside blog and have fun!


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