Outdoor Fucking

Another great week and time for one more jocks studios gallery update. In this one we have a very sexy outdoor theme though. This gallery contains the sex adventures of two muscle hunks that took to the wilds to enjoy some time alone and have some privacy since they also like to fuck hard style. This excursion of theirs has been planned for quite a while now and today the guys decided it was time to take it. So they jumped in their car and headed to the woods. Equipment and all with tents and extra food for the whole weekend.

Once their arrived at their destination they unpacked and started to set everything up. From the tents to the fire pit that they’ll use for tonight. But this excess of energy soon turns into hornyness and they just have to do something about it. So what else can they do, they get naked and start kissing to signal the start of their little fuck session. Watch the guy with the ponytail as he bends his buddy over to get access to his ass. And then watch him here at jocksstudios delivering a hard core and balls deep anal pounding on him. Enjoy and see you next week guys!


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