Valentin Petrov Fucks Dominic

Two more hunks took all the fun outdoors in this Jocks Studios update. Valentin and Dominic thought it might be a good idea to spend the day outside, maybe have a picnic date in nature. They weren’t wrong about that because that picnic sure looks like a lot of fun, once you add some ass fucking things go a lot smoother. It was in the middle of the week so everyone was at work, few people were passing by, so in other words, they had the entire place just for them and they sure advantage of that. Once they popped the first bottle of wine things got a lot more interesting between. After teasing one another they actually did something about it. The two hot hunks undressed one another, showing us one more time just how hot they look.

But that was just the beginning for them. Valentin and Dominic began blowing one another’s dick and then seeing that no one was passing by, to disturb them the guys started hammering their fine asses as well. But the best part of it gotta be Dominic riding Valentin’s big hard dick. We don’t know if it was the fact that they were in a public place, but things got pretty wild here. You can see a little preview below but there are so many more pictures that you guys must check out so follow the link to see it all. Enjoy it and we’ll see you guys next time with more jocksstudios updates featuring your favorite jocks in action!


Take a look at Dominic riding a fat dick!

Jocks Studios – Fuck Micah

Micah just loves getting in this type of problems because in every Jocks Studios scene we see the same thing. Every time he’s here, you are going to see him getting fucked by a random guy, each and every time. Micah found this one in his building, he’s the new guy that moved right above his place. It wasn’t hard to notice him because every single night the guy threw a party and they couldn’t care less about all the noise they were making. After a week filled with parties over parties, Micah had to say something. He went there trying to be nice to the guy but the guy was a jerk. The next move was to send the police up there and now the guy had to pay a pretty big bill for all his parties, or he had to convince Micah to drop the charges.


You guessed it, he tried to patch things up with Micah, and our guy had in mind the perfect way to do that. When he saw him at his doorstep he knew just how to play his cards and in no time he got his cute neighbor just where he wanted him. Butt naked, banging his fine ass in the middle of the living room and his first instinct was right because the guy really knew what he was going. If you want to see more of their scene you can check it out below!

See Micah getting his ass roughly pounded!

Tucker Phillman Fucks Jimmy

Jocks Studios brought you Tucker Phillman and Jimmy. Well when you have a horny coach and a guy that wants to join the team, there aren’t a lot of ways to solve things. Jimmy found that out the practical way, by having horny coach Tucker stuffing his ass in the gym after tryouts. Coach Tucker is well known around their locker room because of his selection methods and the way he takes care of trouble makers. But, the new guy, Jimmy didn’t have any clues of what was going to happen next but we are pretty sure that he won’t forget it too soon. They were the only two in the gym when the try outs started and the coach wasn’t subtle at all.

He asked him to take off his shirt and pants and do all the exercises in his underwear. Jimmy obeyed his teacher and while doing some push ups he saw coach Tucker taking off all of his clothes as well. Now he understood why they were the only two there. It wasn’t too hard for Jimmy to understand what was going to happen next. Coach Tucker asked him to take off the rest of the clothes and after he got his dick sucked by the Jimmy he got to hammer his ass in the middle of the gym. He must really want to be in the team. See the entire jocksstudios scene below!


Enjoy watching this hot jock getting his ass slammed!

Jocks Studios – Fuck Mason

Today’s Mason’s turn to get his fine little ass hammered in this latest Jocks Studios update. We just can’t catch a break with these guys but everyone knows that it totally worth it. Mason always sends us some of the greatest scenes and most of the time involve him getting his ass pounded. While Mason was checking out for a new place to stay, he saw this ad with this great place but it didn’t mention how much the rent was. He gave the guy a call and set up a meeting with him. Once he got there, he got to meet his new roommate and damn he’s hot. He took a tour of the house and when the financial discussion started Mason found out why there wasn’t any price listed.

His new roommate was looking for a different type of business or let’s call it exchange. Yes, you are right, he had to get fucked by the guy to live there. Well needless to say that Mason would’ve did it either way so now he’s getting something more out of it. His roommate was more that happy to explain how their deal is going to work and afterwards they had to celebrate the best way they knew how to. Mason is getting fucked, again, and again, and again because that’s how things work out for him in general. See the hot hunk bend over and taking a hard dick up his ass in the gallery below!


Watch here this guy taking a hard dick up his ass!

Tommy Defendi Fucks Andrew

Andrew has had a lot of action lately and here he is one more time. This time, Jocks Studios hunk, Tommy Defendi is here to join him. The cute blonde hunk always finds some of the hottest guys and he always gets what he wants, his ass pounded by them. Tommy isn’t too different from the rest of the guys, all he wanted was to get his hands on his fine little ass and some fun with him. Andrew has been with a few guys by now, but Tommy has to be the hottest of them all and he’s definitely one of the strongest, that’s for sure. When you think you know it and tried it all, this guy appears and shows you that there still a lot of things that you can test out.

Andrew was never the type of guy that would turn down a good offer and he wasn’t going to start now. Tommy took him straight to the bedroom where he showed him what a good time really means, but not before Andrew got his mouth on his fat dick. Tommy got in control of it all and ended up fucking cute Andrew just like he wanted. This one is going to surprise you guys, just like it surprised us. We think Andrew himself was surprised after it all finished. He surely was the most surprised of us all. Tommy and Andrew, the jocksstudios guests for today, had a great time and we’re sure you guys will too. See them in action below!


Take a look at this jock getting his ass smashed!

Jocks Studios – Fuck Around With Twins

Jocks Studios has something really special prepared for you guys. For this one we got three guys fucking their asses and you’re going to like this. The twins just transferred from another school and as you can see they fit right in. Both of them are into guys and lucky for them in this school they could finally find a guy to share between them. But not think they took a random guy, no, they ended up banging the football captain. While they were testing out to join the team one of the noticed him staring and after seeing him act around other guys it was pretty clear that our captain is also into dudes. He was in charge with picking the new guys and walking them through all the steps.


The twins did great on the field now they had to see the doctor to make sure that they are perfectly healthy. While all three were in his cabinet the nurse came in to let them know that it might take a while until he can see them. They didn’t have to be anywhere else so they waiting for him there and found something more entertaining to do. The door was closed and the twins weren’t up to no good, they surrounded the cute captain and before he could say a word they were already taking off his clothes. It’s not like he wasn’t interested in them, but he was a bit nervous about doing it in the doctor’s cabinet. See it all below in this latest scene!

See these horny jocks banging their fine asses!

Shane Frost Fucks Andrew

Shane Frost got his hands on youngster Andrew and his fine little ass. Jocks Studios found an amazing scene and these two did a great job. Why wouldn’t you want to see a swimming instructor nailing Andrew, his cute new students after a lesson? There’s no good reason to miss something like this! Shane offered swimming lessons in his free time and it turned out to be a really great way of meeting new guys. Andrew, on the other hand, was getting ready to leave for his spring break and wanted to learn the basic things just in case something happens, you know how wild these college parties are. He didn’t want to end up on the bottom of a pool at a party where everyone is hammered and no one could help him out. Shane definitely was the perfect guy for him.

The horny instructor went to his place ready to help him out as much as he could. This was Mr. Frost’s lucky day, because Andrew was just what he needed that day. The college student is hot, young and from the looks of it ready for some backdoor action. After he took a few laps and learned the basics about swimming the couch insisted on teaching how to help someone what almost drowned. That mouth to mouth got Shane just where he wanted him and the cute ended up spending more time on his dick than in the pool learning. You gotta check it out all out in the jocksstudios gallery below!


Check out this cute guy riding a big hard dick!

Jocks Studios – Cliff Fucks Cameron Foster

These two sure love playing games and the best part is that they share it with us here at jocks studios. Cliff and Cameron made things a lot more interesting and we can assure you we never saw to guys getting blindfolded and blowing dicks. And we saw a lot of things around here. They had to bring something new to the scene and although it seemed a pretty hard task they nailed it. The two hot jocks decided that both of them are going to be blindfolded, to make things a lot more interesting. It’s easy when only one is blindfolded, everyone does it, why not push it a bit further?

Everyone tried it but most of the guys kept it simple, just one of them got their eyes covered. Well they raised the bar a bit and both of them were butt naked and couldn’t see a thing. Well the fun part is that they had to help each other out with out actually seeing. It isn’t as easy at it might seem but we think the guys tried it out a few times before they recorded it. The jocks had a blast sucking off one another’s dick with all that grabbing, touching and directions involved in the process. If you wanna try something new this must be on your list, if you have second thought just look at these two hammering their asses in the exclusive gallery below. Enjoy it and make sure you tell us what you think about it!


Enjoy these blindfolded guys blowing one another’s dick!

Lee Paine & Luke Milan Fuck

Welcome back! We got two more hot jocks ready to have some fun in this one. Lee Paine and Luke Milan took things to a whole new level in this jocks studios update. The two horny jocks didn’t hold back on anything so get ready to see a lot of ass pounding, cock sucking and rimming and all in one scene. We told you these jocks don’t mess around and we weren’t kidding. You guys must remember Luke Milan from some of the older updates and as you know he always delivers, he’s actually one of the hottest hunks around here. Lee, on the other hand in pretty new to the scene, he doesn’t have the same experience but he’s a fast learner. Being the most experienced one, it was pretty clear who was going to be in charge with it all.

Luke was all over him and had a blast with his new friend, jerking off his dick and then nailing his ass. But now it was the rookie’s turn to show his skills and he impressed everyone. Before you know it Lee was in charge and he did everything he wanted out of Luke Milan’s perfect ass. Smashing his ass must be the best part of it all, his big dick might’ve helped him out also. See them in action in the scene below now. The ripped jocksstudios hunks offered us a show we won’t forget too soon!


Watch here this guy getting his fine ass hammered!

Jocks Studios – Brandon Lewis Fucks Marcus

Hey, there we are back with more! We know how much you guys love seeing our jocks fucking outdoors so we have another hardcore jocks studios update. Brandon Lewis and Marcus are our guys and they did everything you can think about in the gallery below. Everyone knows how things go when you have a hot guy as a gardener and most of the time it ends with an intense ass pounding marathon. Well, this guy didn’t stop at imagining how great is was going to be, he actually went for it and tried his luck with the sexy gardener. It’s true they could’ve at least move it indoors, but why bother? Brandon has been checking out the new guy for a while now and it was time that cute Marcus finds out what he really wanted for him.


Not that the guy wasn’t doing a great job with his garden, but that’s not really why he hired him in the first place. Brandon knew that now it was time that Marcus knew about his real intentions. The younger jock was taken out of guard with this one but when Brandon doubled his paycheck he didn’t seem to mind it that much. Hot Marcus’ clothes came off really fast and Brandon was right, he’s smoking hot, great body and a perfect ass, an ass ready to get smashed by him. You can check out their outdoor encounter in the gallery below, so don’t miss it out!

Take a look at this guy getting his ass hammered!

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