Jocks Studios – Valentin Petrov Fucks Marc

These guys sure know how to enjoy a day outdoor! Valentin Petrov and Marc are the two guys joining us in the latest jocks studios update and they nailed it. It was amazing just seeing those hot bodies and hard dicks but seeing them fucking one another took things to a whole new level. Valentin couldn’t keep it in his pants no mare how hard he tried so during one of their walks, so instead of enjoying the view from the hill, the guys spent quite some time next to this tree taking turns on fucking their asses. There was no one around do why wait to get home when you have the entire field all for themselves. It’s not like this is the first time they’ve tried something like this so they have experience with fucking outdoors.

The idea of getting caught actually made it more enticing for both of them. The camera was on, the clothes were off and that’s how it all started on this beautiful afternoon. The guys were butt naked blowing their hard dicks and then taking it up their asses in the middle of nowhere. It wasn’t such a bad day, after all, to go for a walk and you can all agree with us. This is just a little preview so make sure you guys check out the entire picture gallery to see these jocksstudios hunks in some really nice guy on guy action. Enjoy it!


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Evan Mercy Fucks Jimmy

In this Jocks Studios, we got to see these two hot fighters taking turns on nailing their asses in front of the jocks studios camera. These two have a really weird way of practicing because most of the time they are in there fucking more than fighting. They have the gym all to themselves and most of their nights end up like you see in the preview below. The two horny jocks just can’t keep it in their pants and each time they get physical with one another, fighting or practicing shots something turns them on and it happens really fast. They don’t need too much to get things started and having the entire place for themselves really helps them out.

We got to admit that we couldn’t wait to see these two getting down and dirty on one another because we knew it was going to something really special that shouldn’t be missed. After a really close match Evan got to beat Jimmy and as a punishment, he got his hands on his ass as well. These jocks don’t mess around with it comes to their lost bets so Jimmy stuck to his word and by the end of the evening, he got his ass fucked and eaten out by the other hot hunk Evan Mercy. You get to see it all the scene below so don’t miss it out and we’ll see you with more gay jocksstudios updates next time!


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Jocks Studios – Spencer Fox Fucks Micah

It’s Spencer turns to get a piece of Micah’s fine brown ass. Jocks Studios brought you another great scene and as you know there’s a lot of ass nailing involved. Micah ends up in the company of the horniest guys. Well, let’s face it, it’s pretty hard to resist his charms and that hot body of his. Luckily Micah doesn’t mind getting hammered for cash and we couldn’t be happier about that. It would be such a shame to miss out this fine ass getting smashed. Spencer Fox has heard about this cute guy that does chores around the house and from what he’s heard for the right amount he’s willing to do more, a lot more, so now he got a lot more interested.

One phone call and he was at this door step and from there on things went just like Spencer would’ve hopped. Hot Micah minded his own business and when he was done, Spencer tried his luck on him and that was a really lucky day for him. Once he got to see Micah’s fat dick he couldn’t understand why he waited so long until he called him. The ripped jocks cut straight to ass fucking, right there in the middle of the room, but Spencer had to try out Micah’s dick so you are going to see both of them getting hammered in this one. It’s time that you check out cute Micah in some intense backdoor action! See it all in the scene below!


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Dylan Roberts Fucks Andrew

Your favorite jocks are back with another hardcore jocks studios scene. This time is Dylan’s turn to show us what he’s got and Andrew is the lucky guy taking it up his fine tight ass. These two offered us one of the best scenes we’ve seen lately and you can check it out for yourself if you don’t believe us. These two really love playing all kind of games and they have some of the nastiest dares you could think about. Hot Dylan was the one that insisted on playing cards. They are both decent players so it was a matter of luck. They played the already classic strip poker and the clothes started falling at a pretty fast pace.


Andrew was the first one to get completely naked and once Dylan got a good look at this great body it was a matter of time until he jumped all over him. That was the main reason that they played the game in the first place. Although in games there always is a loser, we doubt that someone is going to call Andrew the loser. He really doesn’t mind getting that tight ass of his stuffed as Dylan is showing his hard dick deeper and deeper. It’s a win – win situation and the best part is that we all get something out of it. Below you have the entire gallery so check it out and we’ll see you tomorrow with more!

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Jocks Studios – Right Fuck

Don’t you love it when these cute guys get their asses nailed? We sure do! The jocks studios are back with another insane scene and it’s here for you guys to check out. The jocks weren’t going to miss the chance to nail their asses one more time. This is what happens when you move in with a hot guy that’s into other dudes. Don’t get us wrong, no one is complaining! The hot guys moved in a while ago and pretty soon after that they understood that both of them are into guys. After seeing that there are only guys around their house and never a chick it was pretty obvious.

Well, it wasn’t as easy as you might think for these two to get together because one of them was in a relationship and seemed pretty hard to find him all by himself, but once the boyfriend was out of the picture for a weekend something had to happen for these two. That was a really lucky morning for all of us, things got pretty hot and it happened really fast, so get ready to see everything on fast forward. They couldn’t wait to get their hands on one another’s dick and to slam their fine asses. Now this is what we call bonding between roommates and we hope to see more from them especially if things get as hot as they did in this one. Enjoy the entire scene and see you guys next time!


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Donny Wright Fucks Micah

Donny and Micah are up to no good in this latest jocks studios update. What you are going to see in the scene below, besides two of the hottest hunks, is one of the nastiest ass fucking scenes. Donny and Micah both experts in the area, so this it a match made in Heaven. Hot, horny and single Donny picked Micah up a bar last night and the next stop was at his place. This is the great thing about these bars, it so easy so hook up with guys. Everyone goes there for the same reason so you know you are going to get laid once you get a guy to come home with you.

Micah was also the case, cute and alone at the bar, he was the perfect target and Donny knew that too. After having a few more glasses at the bar the guys moved the fun at Donny’s place. They didn’t even make it to the bedroom and ended up fucking in the middle of the living room and it was a hell of a night and as usual you got one of the best seats in the house to check it out. The guys didn’t skip a thing so get ready to see them blowing and riding dicks all night long. We told that this place is great to meet guys. Hopefully we’ll get to see more from there, but until then check out the entire thing to see how nasty these jocksstudios hunks can get. Enjoy it!


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Jocks Studios – Milan Fuck

Your favorite jocks are back with another great scene. In this jocks studios gay update you are going to see two more horny guys slamming their asses. This time everything takes place in the kitchen but the guys end up fucking all over the place. This is what we call full services around the clock. Our guy needed a plumber to fix his pipes and after he finished his work he decided to show just how much he appreciate his work. He wasn’t expecting someone this young and hot to come and help him out with his little problem, so this was the best surprise. It wasn’t too hard to figure out that he is into guys so from there on it was a matter of luck and that was his lucky day.

The cute guy was into him so after he paid him off for his services he wanted to know more about those full services that they offer. That didn’t involve fucking and but somehow they ended up talking about that too. For the right amount of money, he knew that he was going to get his hands on his cute little ass and he was perfectly right. Once the guy heard the number he was waiting for, his clothes came off and soon after than they were on the kitchen counter taking turns on their asses. But like we said, in the beginning, there’s more to that, so make sure you check it all out!


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Colby Keller Fucks Blake Daniels

Colby Keller and Blake Daniels are the latest guy to join the jocks studios and as you can see these two are going to fit perfectly here. Both of them are hot and can’t keep it in the pants so this works out great for us, so get ready to see the two jocks getting their asses pounded in this one. The two hot jocks had it all working for them and it was a matter of time until they ended up in the same sack. Hot Blake was working for Colby and the attraction between was there and everyone could see it. They are both into guys so it was a matter of time before something actually happened. So one afternoon after he finished his work around the house he got more than a paycheck and ended up getting hammered by his hot and horny boss.


It was clear where things were going between them, all the flirting and teasing could only lead to one thing. The two jocksstudios hunks didn’t mind at all working a bit more this afternoon, especially if we are talking about this type of work. Both of them, are hot, nice bodies and know their way around a dick, so this is definitely something you gotta check out. Enjoy it and see you guys later with more steamy jocks in action in the next scenes. Yes, there is more to come, so stay tuned and we’ll see you tomorrow with the next update!

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Jocks Studios – Latin Gang Bang

Get ready for another great one and trust us this is going to be the hottest thing you are going to see in a while. The jock studios hunks are back and as you already know, nobody parties like these athletes. So get ready to see a lot of backdoor action in the locker room. What’s better than banging all of your teammates after winning a game? Nothing. If you don’t trust us, these guys are going to show you why. The hunks kept the celebration between closed doors and we got all the juicy pics for you lucky guys. After the game ended, in the shower, the real celebration was begun.

One of the guys couldn’t keep it for himself and decided to join one of his friends to make sure that he is all cleaned up. They weren’t the only ones there, so soon after that, all the crew decided to join them. The football players moved it in the middle of the locker where every single one of them got their ass slammed and dick sucked. This is what we call a proper celebration. If only all lockers would be the same, that would make sports a lot more interesting. Because let’s face it athletes have it all working for them so it would be a real shame to not see those great bodies and big dicks in action! Check it out entirely by following the link below! Enjoy it!


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Christian Wilde Fucks Bryce

Hey guys and welcome back for more jocks studios action. As you already know here you are going to find some of the hottest guys ready to nail their asses in the hottest gay sex scenes. You must remember our two hunks from some of the older updates, but in case this is your first visit here, let us introduce our two smoking hot hunks. Christian and Bryce are always in the mood for some fun and these two leave everything in the bedroom and they don’t hold back from too many things, so get ready to get your mind blown.

Both young and always horny, the cute guys start it all in the bedroom where after a little foreplay they moved it to the sack. Bryce was all over the situation and he showed Christian a really good time. The two jocks got down and nasty really fast and soon after that they already had one another’s dick in their filthy mouths. But Christian returned the favor and did an amazing job nailing Bryce’s fine ass. Below you gotta a little preview just to give you an idea of how dirty these two hot gay guys are, but there’s a lot more to see so make sure you check out the entire scene. Enjoy it and make sure you return for more jocksstudios updates! Until next time make sure you check out some of the older updates as well.


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