Shane Frost Fucks Andrew

Shane Frost got his hands on youngster Andrew and his fine little ass. Jocks Studios found an amazing scene and these two did a great job. Why wouldn’t you want to see a swimming instructor nailing Andrew, his cute new students after a lesson? There’s no good reason to miss something like this! Shane offered swimming lessons in his free time and it turned out to be a really great way of meeting new guys. Andrew, on the other hand, was getting ready to leave for his spring break and wanted to learn the basic things just in case something happens, you know how wild these college parties are. He didn’t want to end up on the bottom of a pool at a party where everyone is hammered and no one could help him out. Shane definitely was the perfect guy for him.

The horny instructor went to his place ready to help him out as much as he could. This was Mr. Frost’s lucky day, because Andrew was just what he needed that day. The college student is hot, young and from the looks of it ready for some backdoor action. After he took a few laps and learned the basics about swimming the couch insisted on teaching how to help someone what almost drowned. That mouth to mouth got Shane just where he wanted him and the cute ended up spending more time on his dick than in the pool learning. You gotta check it out all out in the jocksstudios gallery below!


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