Tucker Phillman Fucks Jimmy

Jocks Studios brought you Tucker Phillman and Jimmy. Well when you have a horny coach and a guy that wants to join the team, there aren’t a lot of ways to solve things. Jimmy found that out the practical way, by having horny coach Tucker stuffing his ass in the gym after tryouts. Coach Tucker is well known around their locker room because of his selection methods and the way he takes care of trouble makers. But, the new guy, Jimmy didn’t have any clues of what was going to happen next but we are pretty sure that he won’t forget it too soon. They were the only two in the gym when the try outs started and the coach wasn’t subtle at all.

He asked him to take off his shirt and pants and do all the exercises in his underwear. Jimmy obeyed his teacher and while doing some push ups he saw coach Tucker taking off all of his clothes as well. Now he understood why they were the only two there. It wasn’t too hard for Jimmy to understand what was going to happen next. Coach Tucker asked him to take off the rest of the clothes and after he got his dick sucked by the Jimmy he got to hammer his ass in the middle of the gym. He must really want to be in the team. See the entire jocksstudios scene below!


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